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Winter safety for seniors

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Winter safety for seniors

Winter safety for seniors

Now that the snow is flying and the colder temperatures are here, seniors should be aware of their increased risk for falls. Snow and ice are a danger for anyone who ventures outdoors in winter, but it is especially unsafe for older adults for a variety of reasons:  

– As seniors age, sensation in their feet may decline, especially if they have arthritis, diabetes, poor circulation, or complications from a stroke. A decrease in sensation can affect proper balance.

– Seniors are more likely to be on multiple medications, which can sometimes cause side effects that make falling easier such as mild dementia or dizziness.  

– Many seniors walk with an unsteady gait compared to when they were younger. Also, if seniors don’t practice good exercise habits, muscles can lose strength and elasticity, thereby leaving older adults more susceptible to falls.  

Social Isolation and loneliness in the winter months due to the fear of falls can also takes a toll on senior’s overall health, wellness and quality of life. Apidae Compassion Care can help identify points of interest and vulnerability in everyday life and provide home care solutions – making it easier to navigate the winter months. Call us for a free home consultation.