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Starting “The Conversation”

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Starting “The Conversation”

Starting “The Conversation”

Concern about your loved one’s daily safety and comfort may be overwhelming at times. The subject can be difficult to broach, and you may not feel comfortable initiating a conversation. If you feel this way, you’re not alone.

Here are some suggestions for overcoming the discomfort that many times prevents adult children and parents from beginning these important discussions:

-Choose a time and place that makes everyone comfortable, avoiding special family gatherings, like a birthday or holiday celebration. 

-Make the experience non-threatening by letting your parent know you’re concerned for his or her well-being and want to know how you can help them. 

-Offer options, not advice. Pose questions and offer more than one acceptable solution. This involves them in the decision process and enables them to exercise control and independence.

-Avoid reversing roles in the discussion, that is, you acting as the parent and your parent as the child. This could cause your parent to resist your attempts to open discussion.

-Keep it simple and do not try to resolve everything at once. The goal is to open an ongoing, honest dialogue about your parent’s future, to share information and to understand your parent’s wishes and needs.

Still not sure how to discuss Home Care with your parents? Apidae can help you and your loved ones have effective conversations about home care options.