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About Us

Apidae Compassion Care provides quality home care support for seniors and people with chronic illnesses and disabilities in northern Alberta. We work with clients and their families to determine the level of care needed, with the goal of helping them improve their quality of life while living at home or in a care setting.

What does ‘Apidae’ mean?

Apidae is the scientific name of the species family that includes some of the most commonly seen bees, such as bumblebees and honey bees

We are inspired by the way thousands of bees will work together to build their nest, collect food, and care for eggs. We believe that co-operative spirit and work ethic can be carried into our human world as we work together to care for the people who built the communities we now enjoy.

Also, we love the way ‘Apidae’ sounds like ‘Happy Day,’ because we want our visits to be a happy day for our clients.



To be at the forefront of redefining how healthcare can support positive ageing by developing creative solutions to the challenges we face in rural settings.


At Apidae Compassion Care, we provide professional home care services to seniors by working with their families to create a care plan that bridges gaps in service so they feel safe and supported in their environment and engaged in their communities.








Our caregivers are insured, have clear criminal record checks and up to date First Aid/CPR.


From personal care to transportation, and more. Learn more about the specific homecare services we offer.



Apidae Compassion Care in the community

We are pleased to offer free or low cost community events, workshops, and outings to support seniors in our communities.